Launch A Private AI Directory With Your Data

Share knowledge with your users curated by your own open-source Large Language Model that resides within your directory. Enable AI chat for question answering, knowledge quizzes and more with no API key required.

Build A Private AI Directory

Use Open-Source LLMs

Maintain the privacy of your company data or course material by teaching your own large language model to answer user questions. Use a private directory to give your users AI powered onboarding, courses, job training and more.

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    Upload documents, spreadsheets, websites and more for your users to ask your AI questions and receive answers with citation.

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    Interact with multiple documents, websites and even social pages from the same directory and chat.

  • A parrot holding jewelry, an artistic interpretation of the benefits tools like can provide users.

    Utilize an open-source LLM such as Llama-3 or Mixtral that is highly customizable to your use case.

Compare AI Q&A Solutions

Most AI question answering services today utilize a foundation model from a multi-billion dollar corporation served over an API. We take a more nuanced approach to provide a highly capable alternative for humans that want more control over their data and AI systems.

API Based AI Q&A

Private AI Directory

Share data with large companies to receive AI services
Train an open-source large language model that resides within your directory to provide its' users AI services
Pay per query and response based on token count
Stable, easy to understand monthly pricing
Use a general purpose AI trained on the entire internet
Utilize smaller, purpose built models for specific tasks
Little control over memory and hallucinations
Editable memory and reinforcement learning from your community's human feedback
Technical process often requiring a developer
Upload files and add users to build a directory, then manage machine learning services with zero code
Static general purpose UI for all businesses
Highly customizable platform to build employee portals, courses, on the job training and more powered by AI
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