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Directory creation, Atlas agent orchestration and more in one community management platform. Join now to be the first to use it.

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For existing Directory sites serving users and listings today, we offer a wide range of custom ML services to enable AI interactions.

Connect With A Human

Listing - Open AI Directory

The easiest and fastest way to communicate the full online context of your business to AI systems.

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Basic Listing

Quickly communicate the online information about your business to any AI system with a single link.

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Serves As A Social Profile Link Organizer
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Publish Professional Or Business Listings
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Communicate Profiles, Website Info and More To ChatGPT And Claude
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Free Listing With A Great UI
Directory Owners

Frequently asked questions

How do I verify a company's information and location?

If you own a single or multi-location business and want to verify your Name, Address and Phone number, simply follow the instructions on the link above that says "Verify Your Business >>".

If you are starting a Directory, your Assistant should be able to guide you through drafting companies into your industry or community Directory and how to verify those listings!

What if I don't have any experience with AI?

That's ok! Most of the world doesn't. That is why we exist! Our training programs are built to take you from 0 to your desired level of competence in working with LLMs, Transformers, Agents and how to use them to accomplish amazing things for your business and community.

How do I make money as a directory owner?

By providing valuable machine learning services to your listings that drive real business results. The ML services on the Directories.AI platform are self serve and the listing-facing platform extensible for other courses, services and products you may want to offer your niche.