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Whether you curate business listings for the open web or have private knowledge to share with your users such as courses or company data, incorporating machine learning tools and intelligent agents into the way your members interact with information gives you a variety of new ways to serve your community.
Entrepreneurs and executives across multiple industries are partnering with to receive the tools, training and development resources needed to implement AI into their business processes, and support from a growing community of leaders in your industry pursuing the same goals.
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With anyone can use any open-source or provider LLM to build a private, secure company directory and knowledge base for question answering enabled by your own AI. Private Directories are a great way to deliver courses, user portals, collaborative team projects and more with powerful AI capabilities.
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Companies that register with a partner are able to accurately represent their company listing across the web and chat interfaces, and receive new customers from AI booking assistants.

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Enable AI Search & Booking Securely Trained On Your Data.

As AI assistants grow in popularity and user count, directories that teach the information, services and functionality their platform contains to these intelligent agents will drive further user adoption and enhance the value of their services to listings and users, leading to higher conversions from more customers.

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Build a custom membership site with locked content.

GPT-4 and ChatGPT are impressive. However, language models don't need the full context of the entire internet to accurately answer questions about text or data in natural language. enables anyone to train ChatGPT or an open source LLM on your private data, such as training for employee onboarding or the course you took years to develop.

Your Data, Your AI Model

Private LLMs like GPT4ALL and MP-7B For Generative Information Retrieval Chat

No API Key Required

Open source LLMs live securely beside your database on your own server and performs inference locally

Take Your Models Anywhere

Use smaller models such as LLAMA 3 or PHI-3 On Your Mobile Apps And Offline Work Interfaces

A Word From Our Founder

Aligning Artificial Intelligence With Local Business

"For the tech industry, AI is an empowering technology made up of relatively simple components. For business owners who can't dedicate their day to keeping up with AI, the media portrays a terrifying black box beyond human understanding. We bridge that knowledge gap by training our partners to use customized machine learning tools that empower the humans behind their business listings, leading to industry specific models fine-tuned to serve the best interests of the businesses, employees and customers in their community."

-Blake Everett
Founder, Directories.AI

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