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Building A Directory Starts With Empathy.

Start An Open AI Directory

True empathy is a uniquely human experience that no amount of data can replace. Whether you are an experienced professional wanting to connect and empower your industry or an entrepreneur trying to find a way to bring value to your community, the care that you bring to make the world a better place is the key to the process that provides AI the directives it requires.

Open ai Directory

Artificial Intelligence Enabling Local Business

The Open AI Directory is composed of the business information, services, and knowledge contributed from companies and people around the world. It is indexed and made available for intelligent assistants to increase their accuracy and efficiency in completing tasks.

Make Your Services Accessible By Over 100 Million Users Of ChatGPT
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Migrate Your Directory

Import your data via CSV, S3, JSON or a custom integration built by our team and gain access to modern databases built for artificial intelligence, deep analytics on your data, assistant-guided intuitive UIs for Directory management and a whole lot more.

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Directory Owners

Frequently asked questions

How do I verify a company's information and location?

If you own a single or multi-location business and want to verify your Name, Address and Phone number, simply follow the instructions on the link above that says "Verify Your Business >>".

If you are starting a Directory, your Assistant should be able to guide you through drafting companies into your industry or community Directory and how to verify those listings!

What if I don't have any experience with AI?

That's ok! Most of the world doesn't. That is why we exist! Our training programs are built to take you from 0 to your desired level of competence in working with LLMs, Transformers, Agents and how to use them to accomplish amazing things for your business and community.

How do I make money as a directory owner?

By providing valuable machine learning services to your listings that drive real business results. The ML services on the Directories.AI platform are self serve and the listing-facing platform extensible for other courses, services and products you may want to offer your niche.

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Questions about the Open AI Directory? Get in touch and let us know how we can help.

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