Manage User Agent Interactions With Data

Whether you manage a public facing directory integrated with AI personal assistants or a private knowledge base that interacts with your organization's user agents, managing the accuracy of information retrieval and generation is critically important. Directors manage Agent access and conduct performance reviews based on policies you set, allowing effective and manageable delivery of AI at scale.

Deploy a Director

Select Your AI Model

Use the most powerful API driven and Open-Source models to deploy a Director within your Open AI Directory, Private Knowledge Base or an external database.


Most intelligent (and expensive) model available. Served via API from OpenAI.


Use Google's PaLM-2 models of varying sizes and inference speeds just like Bard does.


Very fast, powerful inference that powers ChatGPT. Served via API from OpenAI.


A small, shockingly powerful open source model from Mosaic AI for more privacy.


Train a Meta LLAMA model with your data to answer user questions from your servers.


Use Nomic AI's open source GPT4ALL model for complete privacy with your Director.

What can Directors help with?